A Dance Mag Issue 1

Frequency Three Times A Year
Publisher Names by Crayolab
A Dance Mag Issue 1

Each issue of a Dance Magis inspired by a dance flow and explores a universe of imaginaries, histories, rituals, mythologies, and narratives related to and inspired by that flow. 

Inspired by the Sufi whirling practice, issue 01 theme is: Transcendence. In its exploration of the human instinct to go beyond material reality and personal limitations, the Transcendence issuetakes the reader on a journey of Sufi tales, deity-possession lived-experiences in Ghanian rituals, Ketamine-induced trances in Techno nightclubs, the seekings of a yoga teacher, innocent childhood games of whirling-until-fainting in Iceland, among other experiences, stories and places.

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a Dance Magis founded by a group of dancers, writers, and artists based in Beirut, to address the lack of dance narratives outside institutionalized contexts and to create space for an open discussion about our individual and collective bodies and the ways with which we could transform ourselves and our world through dance.

The Makers:

The founder & editor-in-chief,Jana Al Obeidyine, is a dancer and dance researcher. a Dance Magcreative director isIbrahim Nehme, the founder and editor of The Outpost, a Beirut-based, award-winning magazine of possibilities. The editor, Zena Takieddine,is an art historian, editor, yoga teacher and somatic experiencing practitioner. Finally, behind the looks of a Dance Magare Hamburg-based art directors, Max Weinland& Timo Durst.

Website: http://www.adancemag.com/