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Covers We Covet

  • 2 min read

We spend a LOT of time with the mags on our shelves. Each month, we pick covers that we just can't stop looking at it.


Kinfolk Volume 40


This cover is just so beautifully perfect, I couldn’t take my eyes off it from the minute we opened the box – bold colours - the soft focus – the white title text – stripes and curves…*drools*.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kinfolk in print (yes, really!) each page just gets better and better – I’d have any of these images blown up on my wall. However, don’t assume it’s style over substance. Articles that had me hooked were 4 questions for a set designer, with Lauren Nikrooz and, oh, my, a house tour with the iconic fashion director, stylist and designer, Lucinda Chambers. Seriously, I’m still drooling. This time, judging a mag by the cover paid off!

Reviewed by Olivia, who manages subscriptions, used to be a paper merchant and so gets VERY excited by paper.

 Sirene Journal


Maybe it’s because I can’t remember the last time I jumped into the sea, but every time my eyes pass over Sirene magazine, I can’t resist looking at it. I love the bold but elegant typeface on the plain off-white background and the tiny swimming mermaid above. It’s rather soothing in our hectic office. It’s also just a little bit taller than most mags, which for some reason, I find very pleasing!

You also can’t help but look closely at the paper itself with all the little flecks and speckles in it. It’s made from recycled algae, which blows my mind, and feels soft, porous and rather magical.

Inside, Sirene Journal is just as ethereal, with a double page spread with the names of every sea in the world, beautiful photos you want to dive into and stories of people and places that depend and thrive on the oceans.

Reviewed by Fiona who manages the Pics & Ink shop and knows very little about paper.

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