Cereal Issue 17 S/S 2019

Frequency Bi Annual
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MMS Cereal Issue 17 S/S 2019

In this volume, we explore the theme of process. We converse with Faye and Erica Toogood, discuss garden design with Luciano Giubbilei, and perfumery with Lyn Harris. We visit the studios of Stanley Whitney and Elliott Smedley, and travel to the mountains of Bhutan and the hills of Rwanda.

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Cereal’s creative director Rich Stapleton and I co-founded Cereal because we truly wanted to bring our personal perspective to the world of travel magazines. We come from two very different backgrounds - me from marketing, him from product engineering - but share a great passion for travel, and print editorial in particular.

Cereal is a biannual print publication which explores travel and style, often through the lens of design that inspires us. In its own way, each issue is also product of our love of art, literature and natural landscapes. We sincerely hope our readers feel inspired and educated after reading a volume of Cereal, whether they look up a new architect or artist they discovered within the pages, or book a trip that they previously wouldn’t have considered.

- Rosa Park, Editor-in-chief