Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters Issue 23

Pressing Matters is a quarterly mag celebrating modern printmaking. Each issue visits artists and studios doing incredible things and finds about their work, their inspirations and why they do what they do. An uplifting delve into the world of printmaking.

Partnering up is a running theme in this issue. This edition is full of stories of people doing bigger and better things together, 'whether it’s forming a printmaking collective or printing with your partner, nurturing a sense of community around the work you do can lead to surprising, and often more satisfying, results.'

This issue features printmakers from Latvia, Ukraine, Mexico, USA, Iran and South Africa diving into folklore, street art and abstract expressionism.

All Star Press - Bruno Press - Philip Cartland - Jessie De Salis
Anine Hansen - Issue 23 Print Challenge - Jonathan Lawes
Emma Lawrenson • Mark Lord - Gail Mason -  Lindsey Moran
The Printing Girls -
Eduardo Robledo Stephanie Santana -  David Schmitt
Pearlyn Tan - Katya Timoshenko - Two Lovers Printmaking

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