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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 111 September

ROAM – Hunting for treasure and crab sarnies on the quay. Olive ID. Myth & magic in your garden. Moroccalilli & apple soda bread. How to explore with fresh eyes. Frying pan calzone and other kitchen-free cooking. Woodland alchemy. Backpacks & bedtime stories. Secondhand know-how. Bathroom escapes & sheds of genius

It may not have been the summer of dreams, although in many ways it has, as dreaming, making plans and armchair travel have often stood in for physical journeys. September offers a fresh start, so we’re hoping that we can roam a little further this autumn. It’s not about distance or destination but the freedom of an impromptu change of scene.

Letting your mind roam can never be lost, however, and even if it’s only our imagination taking flight, then that can still feel like a mental holiday. Inspiration is everywhere; women who challenge themselves to the creative geniuses who made works of art in their sheds. Moments of yoga woven into daily life or the solving of clues on a treasure hunt. These are all journeys of the imagination and the world is our oyster as a result.

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