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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 115 January

REST – Candles & clementines. Nordic word search. Winter vistas & Burns night pie. Twig stars, terrariums & tartan. Looking back, moving on. Citrus snack cake. The secret history of spies. Comforts for colds. Pine needle cough syrup. Wildlife in disguise. Embracing the bleak.

Time out. Or as we prefer to say, ‘time to live well’. For most of us that starts with a rest. New year is often billed as a period of action, commitment and self-improvement. But there’s no rush, especially when the days are short and dark and nights start early. Instead, enjoy your candles, walk when the weather allows, eat what you like and make plans. What better way to begin 2022 than with a new notebook or diary, a favourite pen and a head full of possibilities. A change is as good as a rest, someone once wisely said, and midwinter offers us a chance to live differently, at a slower pace than rest of our busy lives. It’s a gift to be appreciated and, unlike many unrealistic resolutions, will see us stronger come spring.

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