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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 116 February

GLIMPSE - Chocolate cake for Book Club. Being painlessly shy. Knitting a weather scarf. Cat cafés & art in the wild. Navigating brain fog. Roast hogget flatbreads. Love letters lost – and found. Snowdrops & seedheads. Appreciating neighbourhoods. Making moon portraits. The joy of a Thermos. How to eat a cactus.
Sometimes, a glimpse is all you need. A sign that the season is shifting, a peek into another’s world, a little understanding of a problem or a first nibble of something you’ve never eaten before. These everyday awakenings open our mind to fresh ideas and clearer thinking, they encourage us to slough the hibernation of winter and move a little more, take on projects and get things done. It might be snowdrops emerging from the frozen earth that triggers your optimism but it could just as easily be discovering a new initiative in your neighbourhood or a moment appreciating a piece of street art. All that’s needed is for us to keep our eyes and minds open, ready to embrace what comes our way.

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