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Salt & Wonder

Salt & Wonder Issue 3


You’ll explore hidden castles, gardens, and rooftop terraces. You’ll find Italy’s new wave of slow-baking, its modern artisans, its Etruscan history, and the future of food systems. You’ll meet a mad scientist who ferments everything and a woman who bakes family tradition into her bread. You’ll feel the soil with Italy’s first organic rice farmer and raise a glass to fresh drinking styles at rebel-friendly bars. Finally, you’ll discover the magic of Torino, where off-the-map authenticity will make you fall in love.

In this issue, we hear from:

  • Two traveling brothers who promote local ingredients with Italian-Asian fusion at their restaurant atop an ancient seaside castle.

  • Local Torinese, Lucia Iannone, on baking bread with tradition

  • Italy’s first organic rice farmer, the renegade Ariane Lotti of Tenuta San Carlo

  • Renaissance bartenders of Milano and Torino who are introducing Italy to international cocktail styles

  • The streets, plazas, and people of Torino, in a city guide that will lead you off the beaten path and into the heart of an up-and-coming city

You will find interviews, new perspectives, a city guide, photo essays, recipes to stories, and lots of aspiring illustrations.

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