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Issue 46 of Electronic Sound finds us talking revolution. The DIY revolution, that is. We pinpoint the precise moment that music recordings headed for the bedroom (clue: it started with the appearance of the portastudio in the late 1970s) and interview trailblazing musician Thomas Leer, who recalls his adventures in home recording alongside his old pal Robert Rental and explains how the ability to release music into the wild suddenly ended up in the hands of everyone.

We recommend a raft of essential DIY listening and, following a call to arms to our readers, we also make our way through the mouth-watering kit list of the discerning bedroom producer. The synths! The effect units! The cassette tapes! The grass catcher from a lawnmower (painted black and hit with a stick)! We’ve got the authentic DIY revolution shopping list sown up.

As always, we have a supporting cast to warm the cockles on a cold autumnal evening. We chat with John Carpenter, the master of horror, about his updated soundtrack to the new ‘Halloween’ film, while Gazelle Twin talks Brexit, Olafur Arnalds shows us his self-playing pianos (no, that’s not a euphemism), and the flipping amazing John Grant pops up to tell us about his flipping amazing new album. We really are spoiling you this issue.

Elsewhere this issue, we take a look at the legacy of Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece ‘In C’, celebrate Pop Will Eat Itself’s ‘Def Con One’, and invite uber producer Youth to reflect on some of his influences. And if that’s not enough for you, we’ve got our biggest reviews section yet – more than 20 pages packed to bursting with wise words on the latest album releases – while our front section features all manner of must-own goodies, from books to tech to gadgets and more.

All this in your soaraway edition of Electronic Sound. Up the revolution! 

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