Ernest Journal 6

Frequency Quarterly
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Ernest Journal 6

Ernest is a blog and biannual printed journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk.

In issue six we meet England’s last Vikings, journey to Galápagos, learn seafaring vernacular, enter hidden artists’ studios, unearth expected inventions at the Great Exhibition, ebonize wood, follow in the footsteps of George Maallory, unravel the bizarre history of the slipper, recreate a lost ale and seek aurora borealis in Snowdonia.

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Ernest is a journal for enquiring minds. It is made for those who value surprising and meandering journeys, fuelled by curiosity rather than adrenaline and guided by chance encounters.


It is a repository for wild ideas, curious artefacts and genuine oddities, replete with tales of pioneers, invention and human obsession.


Ernest is founded on the principles of slow journalism. We value honesty, integrity and down-to-earth storytelling – and a good, long read every now and then.