Ethos Issue 09

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Ethos Issue 09

Ethos issue 09 is here...

In the ninth issue of Ethos magazine, we talk biking with cover stars Brompton, hiking the Himalayas with the all-female Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company, and Viking links to Basel and Oslo.

 Our stories take us from Kashmir to Colorado, with tales of breweries, bread makers, bespoke bike brazers, and businesses battling the stigma of mental ill health in the workplace.

 We meet co-founder of the Comedy Store Players, Neil Mullarkey, who tells us why he’s bringing his infamous improv comedy into boardrooms around the world. And, we pick up the palm oil debate; is an outright boycott the answer? Or, is it actually one of the world’s most sustainable oils?

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Created by a small team of writers and journalists, all working within the social innovation sector, Ethos was born through our desire to create a magazine which tells interesting and inspiring stories of people doing good business around the world.

 We wanted to create a magazine which told stories of good people, doing good business, for people and the planet, and not just for profit. Through Ethos, we’ve travelled the world and listened to the stories of ethical business leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs – from Brazil, Beirut, Berlin and beyond, who are doing things right.

 Our stories are human; they’re the stories of the people behind the business and the ideas that make them tick. Ethos explores a broad scope of topics: from food to farming, hospitality to healthcare, sole traders to sustainability giants; clothing, coworking, cosmetics and community collaboration... We’re always on the look-out for new stories, new ideas and inspirations for the new economy.