Fields & Stations Issue 3

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Fields & Stations Issue 3

The third issue of Fields & Stations includes short pieces on Fukuoka, Pago Pago, Saint-Louis, Tórshavn, a Saskatchewan hotel, and Haitian clairin, a guide to Santiago de Chile, a special Kolkata essay, love letters to Moscow and Sarvelat, an article on St Helena, a Siem Reap address book, and a photo essay on the Palouse.

Wafting throughout are some rich descriptions of place-specific scents. The delightful cover image is by Espirro, a Lisbon-based tattooist and illustrator.

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Fields & Stations publishes passion pieces by great travel writers.

Our features focus on distinctive aspects of local culture, on the quirks and contexts that differentiate places from one another.

However we train our focus on local things, we find the search for authenticity in the travel media to be tiring and rather beside the point. Culture is constantly changing; our goal is to capture significant bits of it at particular times and places.


We are travel nerds who have felt the irresistible lure of a package holiday. We crave the obscure, the profane, the refined, and the common. We like road trips and code-switching, supermarkets and diglossia, slow trains and amusement parks, route maps and dusty museums, puddle jumpers and mass tourism sites, tasting menus and street food. We love the substance of travel and its details, and most of all we love the opportunity provided by travel to lance the cultural and political divides that threaten the world.


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