Phox Pop Issue 5

Frequency Bi Annual
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Phox Pop Issue 5

Phox Pop magazine Issue 5 is 96 (advertising-free) pages of stories about thinkers, seekers, makers, and doers.


Inside, readers will discover:


  • A scientist who applied her experience with animals to plants, and found some shockingly similar characteristics.


  • An ex-officer investigating what happens to literature and language when it becomes digitised.


  • The gender stereotype-redefining research that puts women at the forefront of major innovation in ancient history.


  • Plus, learn about the remarkable memory techniques of indigenous cultures.


  • And hear from an artist whose university project examined the ambiguity of cancer, and learn about another whose textile art practice is generating confidence and renewed interest in creativity.

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I like to think of Phox Pop magazine as a cabinet of curiosity in paper and ink form.


Phox Pop (foks pop)

Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘voice of the people’; shortened to vox pop, in media it is an interview with members of the public, the ‘word on the street’. Replacing the ‘v’ with the ‘ph’ from photography – based on the Greek phos/light and graphê/drawing or writing – we create phox pop.


Through carefully-crafted words and striking images, Phox Pop tells the stories of ambitious and inspiring people, and their creative and curious pursuits.


Inside its ad-free pages, you will find tales of and by people from fields spanning art, science, history, exploration, and experimentation.


Phox Pop magazine is a free-range selection of stories that I would like to read myself, and I hope you will, too.


-       Amy Freeborn, founder and editorial director