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Cereal Volume 16

This issue of CEREAL focusses on the subject of COLLECTING, exploring many different interpretations of this theme - from collecting art, furniture and books, to collecting wisdom and memories, and even acquiring land in an ever-evolving approach to conservation. CEREAL asks what collecting means to people they admire across multiple industries, in interviews with designers Phillip Lim and Pierre Yovanovtich, artist Daniel Buren, Rainer Juddof the Judd Foundation, and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, to name a few.
CEREAL also visits the Dolomites,in South Tyrol, Italy, meeting with mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner, and architect Peter Pichler;and escapes to Lake Como, Venice, and Kyoto. The style pages include a seasonal fashion edit, and a still life series of scarves.
The internal pages for this volume have been completely redesigned with a refreshed layout and text treatments, and illustrations throughout the magazine. The cover artwork is inspired by old dutch master paintings, taken as a still life photograph of modern objects.

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