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Drift Magazine

Drift Magazine Volume 12: Paris

From the publisher:

Drift is a biannual mag about coffee, the people who drink it and the cities they live in. Each issue explores a different city, through coffee shop owners, patrons, streetcart vendors, roasters and more. 

A list of what's inside Volume 12, from the publisher:

Drift Volume 12

  • A bright, yellow tricycle peddles (and pedals) coffee around the city in hopes of changing the lives of Paris’s homeless for the better.
  • How an unlikely Ottoman, who received a frosty royal reception, introduced coffee and “Turkmania” to Parisians.
  • Reflections by a lovesick traveler, in a Paris of cigarettes and coffee for a layover.
  • Wading into the divide between brasseries from coffee shops, and appreciating their differences.
  • From the chipped-paint storefront of an old cordonnerie—cobbler—to a fashion label in the gardens of a former palace, the face of Paris’s coffee shops are changing.

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