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Good Place

Good Place Issue 1

"A new travel magazine for the endlessly curious"

Good Place is a brand new travel mag from some of the senior editorial team at Lonely Planet magazine, which sadly closed in the pandemic. However, when one door closes, another opens and they have put together all their collective passion, knowledge and expertise to create this new quarterly mag that brings you interesting and unusual places and experiences of the sort that stay with you forever. 

Issue 1 takes you from the shifting coastline of Essex to the jungles of Nicaragua. Music writer, Kevin EG Perry makes his case for LA, while Travel photographer of the Year winner, Philip Lee Harvey, talks about his inspiration, career and some of his photos from Cameroon (cover image). There's also a celebration of The Natural History Museum, the deserts of Namibia and a carefully curated selection of some of the best modern cabins to stay in. All this and more in Issue 1.

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