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Hole & Corner

Hole & Corner 19 The Making Good Issue

Introducing The Making Good Issue

As the world gets more disconnected, polluted, and damaged by the day, for this issue of Hole & Corner, we are actively looking for solutions and positive stories. We are increasingly thankful to – and inspired by – the makers, designers, activists and researchers who are dedicating their time to overcoming some of the biggest social and environmental challenges of our times.

For this issue we are celebrating some of those dedicated to making things better. We get a buzz from a chat with the local honey man urging us to grow more borage. We marvel at the designer crafting furniture from industrial dust, and hug a tree with the permaculture pioneer creating a community oasis in the middle of urban Bristol. We learn how to stitch a journal, mend a hole and make a ball out of mud. We also investigate how the humble seaweed could be the solution to clothe and feed us, as well as generate our energy. And we go for a spot of bird ringing with a youthful environmentalist dedicated to making links with nature and mental wellbeing. We also escape, for a few moments at least, to the calm sanctuary of the hole-and-corners of some of our favourite contributors, extended family and friends.

We hope this issue inspires you and empowers you to work your way through the broken bits of our lives and find new ways of patching things together, fixing things up, rethinking how we make and use things, and ultimately making good.

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