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The Grey Attic

Jane Issue 11

Jane magazine is a biannual fashion and fine art publication shot on film and printed on paper. The magazine explores the disciplines of art, photography, fashion, philosophy, and poetry.

Founded and produced by Annika Hein and Odin Wilde, Jane is a slow art movement considering and challenging the dialogue around creative intention and consumption. Offering an alternative voice guided by artistic consideration and creative freedom Jane’s mission is to cultivate an overarching change in artistic consumption and creation, while nurturing a community that goes beyond the pages.


The Howl of Hope

In a message of courage and combat, we dedicate this issue to the resistance and to the rebels as you revolt towards greatness in movements for the new world. To the first in our future, to the innovators, and to the creators at the forefront making change—actionable change, accountable change, change that can happen today. To finding the antidote and finding the light. To turning toward the things that grow together in harmony with radical revolution. To our collective reasons for surviving the apocalypse and our submission to the whole in devotion and communion. To choosing to see the beauty, and to believing in the good.

To the eternal disruptors, the romantics, and the visionaries.

Go forth. Take charge.
The time to flower is now.

To the howl of hope.

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