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JRNY Issue 1

JRNY is a new annual 250-page travel magazine, dreamt up in a pub in Basingstoke and filled with essays and photo stories from extraordinary places "that will have you reaching for your passport."

With many major travel publications disappearing, and global travel and adventure shut down for much of the last two years, Kav Dadfar and Jordan Banks created JRNY magazine to give talented travel writers and photographers "an opportunity to do what they do best - inspiring a sense of adventure that we all share."

The publishers on issue 1:

Jamie Lafferty follows in Shackleton’s footsteps in South Georgia, Ben Lerwill walks the UK’s quietest National Trail in Yorkshire, Steph Dyson goes in search of jaguars in the Paraguayan Pantanal and Mark Stratton find South America’s most beguiling archaeological sites in Colombia. Keith Drew explores Fez’s medina, Meera Dattani heads to the edge of the arctic circle to see Churchill, Manitoba and Kav Dadfar takes a nerve-jangling road trip to the spiritual heartland of Bhutan.

There are also captivating photo essays by world-renowned photographer Philip Lee Harvey showcasing China’s mesmerising landscape. We join Matt Parry as he explores the ghats of Varanasi in India, Jordan Banks, as he searches for the “sea gipsies” in Southeast Asia and visit the remote tribes in Namibia with Malcolm Fackender.

Plus, Nicaragua, Sierra Leon, Cuba, Gibraltar, Venice, South Dakota and Scotland all in this collectable first issue of JRNY Travel Magazine.


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