Missprint Media

Kookie Issue 5

Eliza and Romily, 11. "What do you call a dog who does magic? A labracadabrador!"

  • Exclusive reader interview withengineer and robot inventor MARITA CHENG
  • RAD GIRLS who make a difference
  • How toCHANGE THE WORLDin four easy steps
  • SAVING VELVET, Sophie goes out on a limb to help a friend in a sweet story written by Suzanne Gervay and illustrated by Soolagna Majumdar
  • CONNECTION, a comic aboutfinding the perfect escapeby Amy Gallagher
  • GIVE IT A GO, get ommmm with theyogaflow
  • HERO OF HISTORYWangari Maathai, an environmental pioneer and Nobel Prize winner, in an illustrated story by Madeleine Karutz
  • MAKE IT,perfect perfumes and powders
  • STAR SIGNS, what’s yours?
  • pull-out MINI POSTER by illustrator Iveta Vaicule

Plus regulars

  • DEBATE,should kids have homework?
  • CHANGE IT, the problem withpalm oil
  • GROAN, readers share their most embarrassing moments
  • ASK CATHY problem page
  • QUIZ
  • PUZZLES + lots more!

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