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Missprint Media

Kookie Issue 6

Inside issue 6

Exclusive reader interview with BBC presenter and wildlife biologist LIZ BONNIN • Record-breaking RAD GIRLS • Adventures in CREATIVE WRITING • PERFECT PRUE, a short story by Dimity Powell, illustrated by Emma Reynolds • THE HEARTSMITH, a comic by Queenie Chan • GIVE IT A GO, wushu’s wonderful! • HERO OF HISTORY Hypatia, pioneering mathematician of ancient Alexandria, an illustrated story by Madeleine Karutz • MAKE IT, perfect paper pompoms are easy as 1-2-3 • QUIZ, can you understand body language? • pull-out MINI POSTER by illustrator Iveta Vaicule

Plus regulars

DEBATE, can girls and boys be BFFs? • CHANGE IT, what can we do about climate change? • GROAN, readers share their most embarrassing moments • ASK CATHY problem page • PET PALS • COLOURING PAGE • BOOKS • PUZZLES + lots more!

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