Colours May Vary

Left Cultures #1

Issue #1 of Left Cultures takes a deep dive deep into the left's cultural past to discuss gems of storytelling within film, literature, music, art and poetry. Here you'll find the rich culture which has influenced and inspired an eclectic bunch of contributors to continue in this tradition by creating new cultural endeavours on the left today.

The participants in the inaugural issue come from a diverse range of backgrounds - from activists and educators to theatre directors and stand-ups - and their chosen accounts illuminate, through memories of record sleeves, fanzines, authors, artists and much more, a discovery of the left that imprinted a way of seeing the world on the writer. 

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Left Cultures presents us with accessible and engaging stories from the Left taken from a culture that we can all identify with.

Instagram: @leftcultures

From the creator of the wonderful Beneficial Shock!  - the fully illustrated magazine about the movies we love. 

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