Lodown Magazine: Drifters

May-July 2022

Lodown is a contemporary arts and pop culture magazine made in Germany.

This issue is dedicated to the drifters. Originally a negative terms for scam artists, ne'er-do-wells and wanderers, Lodown explores what it means now, with drifters choosing to choosing to reject societal systems that seems outdated. 

In this issue, they cover everything from the dark Clint Eastwood western High Plains Drifter (and the Beastie Boys song of the same name), to the counterculture smiley logo that promotes guerilla positivity. 

They also talk to musicians (Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupil), artists like William Mark Sommer, Pat Perry and steel artist, Kostas Seremetis and pop culture creatives embodying the new meaning of drifter - "leave no trace but be proud of your footprints"

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