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Lodown Magazine: 'Paradise' by Lo(ck)down

2020 is showcasing a very new kind of reality to all of us - one that left a significant mark on our understanding of daily life and normality. No wonder people are currently yearning for a better place more than ever. And that’s exactly why this very issue is titled PARADISE. Having said that,no matter the century, our fascination with paradise has never become threadbare. Its allure is found in its ontological aporia - of its implied potentiality and equal precariousness of total impossibility. Through the pages of history, the goal of paradise has given birth to more than a handful of devastatingly beautiful and unspeakably horrific consequences of paradise of which we’re still swimming in to this day.

In the reckoning of massive pandemic loss, governmental stagnation, closed borders, and locked down public life, new paradises have been produced from the very fact that our hum drum routines have been ripped out from underneath our feet. From a global sense of displacement, completely unheard of in modern times, we have stimulated up new paths of connection and spaces in the virtual. A new epoch is being ushered in due to our now recognized necessity of the real, the material, the flesh and human – and equal realization of its non-necessity.
It wasn’t easy to put this together, because a lot of financial support broke away… but we still managed with a month delay though…

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