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New Philosopher 40 AI

New Philosopher is an independent publication devoted to exploring philosophical ideas from consumerism, to happiness, to the war on your mind. Each issue brings you perspectives from past and present thinkers on ways to live a more fulfilling life.

 Issue 40: How Intelligent is AI?

"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. We cannot quite know what will happen if a machine exceeds our own intelligence so we can't know if we'll infinitely be helped by it, or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it."Stephen Hawking

The latest issue of New Philosopher looks at the timely and slightly worrying rise of AI - how intelligent is it? What are the implications for art, for employment and the world at large?

Drawing on great thinkers from Alan Turing and H.G. Wells to Nigel Warburton and Patrick Stokes, New Philosopher delves deep into the issue. 

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