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Noble Rot

Noble Rot Issue 26


Noble Rot is the quarterly magazine for great wine and food writing where gastronomic delights meet some of the finest stars in the creative arts (much like they do in the Noble Rot restaurant in London). Think 'long lunch' interviews, famous creative types describing their gastronomical milestones, love letters to favourite vintages, wine regions and restaurants, and a celebration of all that is great about dining out.

In this issue:

Artist Grayson Perry and psychotherapist Philippa Perry have lunch while discussing the liberal elite. 

They spotlight Maison Trimbach ‘Cuvée Frédéric Emile’, the quintessential dry Alsace Riesling and the 'smoky wine' trend.

Caitlin Moran writes about an 80s feast from Heston Blumenthal.

They discover what remains of its 5000-year old wine culture.

What Jilly Cooper novels can teach you about restaurants and much more. 

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