Noble Rot

Noble Rot Issue 27

Noble Rot is the quarterly magazine for great wine and food writing where gastronomic delights meet some of the finest stars in the creative arts (much like they do in the Noble Rot restaurant in London). Think 'long lunch' interviews, famous creative types describing their gastronomical milestones, love letters to favourite vintages, wine regions and restaurants, and a celebration of all that is great about dining out.

In this issue:

An interview with Irvine Welsh on his stint writing a wine column for Marmalade magazine, near-death experiences and the positive effects of European immigrant on British food culture

A post-lockdown tour of Paris' best restaurants and wine bars

Burgundy's most exciting new domaines and winemakers

A wine lover's guide to truffles

Diana Henry's greatest ever meal at Moscow's White Rabbit

Plus stories on cooking for dull people, getting bored of pet nat, spraying champagne in nightclubs and the strange world of chicken kiev Facebook groups. 

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