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Orlando Magazine

Orlando Tales Issue 3

Orlando is a huge, sumptuous magazine that each issue takes a work of fiction as its starting point and issue 3 has adopted Oscar Wilde's A Picture of Dorian Gray.

The magazine is constructed like a hotel - you start on the ground floor then head upwards to the fourth floor before descending through the basement's three levels. What will you see on the way? Well, inside you'll find an eclectic lifestyle with travel, dining, fashion, photography and features - oh and did we mention the mini-magazine entirely devoted to woodcuttings of Pinocchio? 

The editorial team sum it up rather well:

"Exclusive interviews and information, personalised artistic commissions, photographic shootings and much else besides are merely just some of the surprises awaiting Orlando’s readers. A place to meet, a sort of “magazine/hotel” where we can award ourselves with a regenerating cultural moment, stepping away from the daily hectic rush of our lives so we can immerse ourselves in a new dimension in which we are able to encounter and discover all the shapes and shades of beauty that surround us..."

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