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Orlando Magazine

Orlando Tales Issue 4

Orlando is a huge, sumptuous magazine that each issue takes a work of fiction as its starting point and for issue 4 it's the turn of the iconic Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass.

The magazine is constructed like a hotel - you start on the ground floor then head upwards to the fourth floor before descending through the basement's three levels. What will you see on the way? Well, inside you'll find an eclectic lifestyle with travel, dining, fashion, photography and features.

From the publisher:

Alice is the heroine of nonsense: she encounters bizarre and absurd situations but manages to accept them and see their positive sides. We invite you to take her unbelievable optimism as an example.

Among the personalities interviewed in the current issue: the young Swiss chef Marie Robert, the British artist Fiona Banner, the designer Barnaba Fornasetti, the provocative Maurizio Cattelan, the young and talented illustrator Fee Greening, the designer and constructor Tomaso Buzzi and so many others.