Popshot Quarterly

Popshot Quarterly Issue 38

“A fizzing poetry-illustration formula” - The Independent

Popshot is a beautifully illustrated magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction and poetry from the literary new blood.


The Roots Issue is a collection of vivid writing, exploring our relationship with the earth and what roots us. It cuts deep, with tales of poisoned gardens, oak wives, and worlds beneath our feet.

Words by: Tianna Jordening, Ilisha Thiru Purcell, Sarah Royston, Grace Maxted, Anna Rose James, Elizabeth Gibson, Isabel de Andreis, Helen Salsbury, Megan Ellenberger, Helen Vine, Shastri Akella, Penny Shutt, Chris Belson, Don Paterson, Georgia Boon, Maja Ulasik, Dominic Weston, Romy Tara Wenzel, Maitrayee Deka, Holly Moberley, Patricia Minson, Mark Czanik, BEE LB, Cera Naccarato,Julia Ruth Smith, Andrea Koehler, Viviana Moreno, Charli Jacobs, Natalie Burdett

Illustrations by: Abbie Reilly, Alana Nastold, Charli Beck, Chiara Morra, Connor Parker, Eduardo Morciano, Eryka Ilarreta, Gabriel East, Georgina Reynolds, Hannah Clair, Hannah O’Brien, Imogen Ward, Jiazhen Cai, Jorge Cha, Joy Alicia Raines, Katie Louise Thomas, Katie M Green, Kristen Huang, Kyle Solomon, Lucile Farroni, The Noc Design, Molly McCammon, Natàlia Pàmies, Nelson Illustrates, Sophy Smith, Thomas Sciacca, Zara Wilkins

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