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Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters Issue 5

Pressing Matters magazine - Issue 5

There is a real joy in creating something unexpected from a simple idea. That notion is echoed throughout issue five, be it an Argentinian artist bringing together a series of small printed pieces to create a breathtaking letterpress sculpture, or printmakers using overheard phrases as a jumping off point to create imagined worlds and bold poster prints.

Capturing a sense of place using relatively simple tools can be a real challenge, which many of our featured printmakers jump into head first, be it linocut, etching, screenprint and more. Seeing how an artist makes their marks, chooses colours, looks for balance (and sometimes discord) to create a print never fails to interest me. In some cases, working together on a shared creative idea, other times head down (locked in their shed with the radio on), making time to make their work and see it come to life.

I hope this issue gets you fired up to make more prints, sketch more sketches and make time to realise your ideas.

Issue Five featured artists/studios:

Atelier Indrukwekkend

Helen Bishop

Charlotte Biszewski
John Christopher

Hannah Cousins

Clare Curtis

Stanley Donwood
Carolina Fernandez

Kat Flint

Emily Harvey

Rita Laranja

Mama’s Sauce

Marco Lawrence

Jane McDevitt

Helen Murgatroyd

Ali Norman

Partisan Press
Penfold Press

Ellen Von Wiegand

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano


100 page perfect bound publication, printed by Park Communications on Edixion Offset paper.

Release info

Issue 5 launched October 2018

Print run

Issue 5 print run - 4,000 copies

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