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Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters Issue 18


Pressing Matters is a quarterly mag celebrating modern printmaking. Each issue visits artists and studios doing incredible things and finds about their work, their inspirations and why they do what they do.  An uplifting delve into the world of printmaking. 

From the publishers:

The artists in Issue 18 are, in many cases, reflecting on their life and practice. Within these pages you’ll find printmakers looking to their heritage, exploring their identity through print and working with others to bring stories to life with ink and paper. 

Whether our featured artists are focused on life-size prints or miniature masterpieces, the passion and personality in their work is undeniable.

Sivan Baron • Jac Batey
Belfast Print Workshop
Laurence Briat • Claire Cartwright
Olivia Christen • Alberto Cruz • Csil
Ciro Fernandes • Brenton Good
Steven Hubbard • Lisa Hunt
Black + Blue Insert Challenge
Mixed Grit • Ysidro Pergamino
Christopher Pig • Claire Spencer
Kristina Thun • Kristina Uhráková • Katharen Wiese