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Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters Issue 20

Pressing Matters is a quarterly mag celebrating modern printmaking. Each issue visits artists and studios doing incredible things and finds about their work, their inspirations and why they do what they do.  An uplifting delve into the world of printmaking.

Celebrating 20 issues of Pressing Matters, this is a celebration of colour with the work of Kate Gibb, who creates cover art for the Chemical Brothers, and Emily Ketteringham, who creates circular colour wheels as a response to her aphantasia (the inability to 'see' images in the mind). They explore the relatively new world of Thai printmaking, take a peek around workspaces in Kyiv, London and Salzburg and share the best submissions in their anniversary printmaking competition. 

David Armes • Army Of Cats
John Coe • C. A. P. / Kong
Giuseppe D'Innella • Kate Gibb
Staffan Gnosspelius • Morvern Graham • Jemma Gunning
Tom Hammick • Issue 20 Print Challenge • Emily Ketteringham
Sumuyya Khader • Barry Kirk
Anita Klein • Lithography30
Simon Trewin • Wolfgang Waha

Pressing Matters was sent out as part of our Free Range Magazine subscriptions on our Creative Spark stream. You can find out more and sign up to Free Range Mags here. 

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