Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters Issue 24

Pressing Matters is a quarterly mag celebrating modern printmaking. Each issue visits artists and studios doing incredible things and finds about their work, their inspirations and why they do what they do. An uplifting delve into the world of printmaking.
"From botanicals to book-making, patterns to puppetry" this issue of Pressing Matters explores the possibilities of printmaking. 

FEATURED ARTISTS/STUDIOS Jay Caskie • Nneka Chima • Folly Cove Designers • James Freemantle • Grace Gillespie • Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative • Grafiska Sällskapet • Halden Bookworks • Tore Hansen • Issue 24 Print Challenge • Sophie Lécuyer • Sue Lewry • Montana State University • Fiona Quill • Sukie Studio • Mike Sweeney • Taro Takizawa • Robert Tavener • Zansky

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