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Sirene Journal

Sirene Issue #13

Sirene is a biannual magazine made for those who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it. It's about the relationship between humans and the sea and the happiness it brings. Even the beautiful pages are made from recycled algae.

In Issue 13

Land, Air, and Water

Diving is not a rational act; it’s never predictable and maybe not even spontaneous. Yet every rocky outcrop stretching out over the sea, every walkway or platform suspended over the water, holds a physical and mental attraction.

Hugo Vau: Surfing Big Mama

Offshore from Nazaré is the Cerro, a shoal that the fishermen knew about but not the surfers. It is there that Hugo Vau, after having searched for it for seven years, found his wave, the biggest ever surfed by a human being.

In the Shadow of the Lighthouse 

Summers with dad and the magic of living in a lighthouse. Childhood on the move as a lighthouse keeper’s son.

Sons of Sinbad 

Fleets of Dhows that sail the Persian Gulf just as they do the Indian Ocean: on board a humanity dressed in the same white as the Latin sails that they governed. Atmospheres of Arab seafarers as ancient as the One Thousand and One Nights.

All the Waves of the Atlantic

Two friends, a van, and a surfing movie. The entire European coast from the north of Scotland all the way to Gibraltar and then beyond. In Africa as far as Senegal. Three months to get to know the waves of the Atlantic following the great sea storm.  

Carlo Sciarrelli, the Man who Talked to Bows 

Boats always seem to have something important to say to those who observe them. Carlo Sciarrelli, a maverick yacht designer from Trieste, spent his life understanding why.

Milos, between Venus and the Volcano 

Removing the past and the deep black geology of the island, life in Milos is content with the surfaces and its absolute whites. 

La Isla 

In a world where it seems there is nothing left to discover, Kate Bellm sees Mallorca and the Balearic Islands as a microcosm where living and storytelling coincide. 



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