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Sirene Journal

Sirene Issue #14

Sirene is a biannual magazine made for those who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it. It's about the relationship between humans and the sea and the happiness it brings. Even the beautiful pages are made from recycled algae.

In Issue 14

Olympic champion, Gregorio Paltrinieri talks about his love of open water swimming, responding to the waves and entering a REM state in the water. 

In 'Yachts and other floating objects' they dive into the 'miserable' and often dangerous existence aboard the lightships of the Arctic Ocean, with one captain saying "I'd rather go to a State's Prison."

Plus, they explore the island of Ponza in ten steps, showcase Paul Rousteau's almost psychedelic seascape photography, and chat to Australian writer, Tim Winton about safeguarding the reef.


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