Storied Volume Two, The Islands Issue

STORIED is a new independent magazine inspired by the people, places, crafts, and traditions of Japan. In their own words: "STORIED is made for people seeking a connection to unknown characters and hideaways that are longing to be visited...So, whether your interest is travel, design, or cultural heritage, let the pages of STORIED take you on a journey into the true heart of Japan."

Volume One takes readers on a journey through Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan: 

"Volume Two takes us on a journey across the length and breadth of Japan, exploring the varied islands of the country, investigating the rise in distinct customs that are held together by a shared Japanese way of life. We venture over waves whipped up by a salty breeze and through forests thick with fresh foliage to ensure that Volume Two, The Islands Issue, is a true collection of places unknown and tales untold.

We visit Amami Oshima and meet artisans working with local resources – from a workshop using iron rich mud to dye fabrics in rich earthy tones, to a woodworker using off-cuts from the forestry industry to craft sumptuous vases – we share the deep appreciation the island has for working with what the earth provides.

Heading north, we visit Sado, a land of agriculture, and tradition with a deep connection to Noh.

Moving down to the Seto Inland Sea, we visit sun-filled shores that are home to unique art and architecture projects intended to lure in prospective residents and travellers, actively combatting the steady decline in population numbers to which the islands have fallen fate."

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