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The Monocle Companion

Fifty Ideas to Change Your Life

"Essays. Recommendations. Opinions. Improvements. Nudges. Opportunities."

The Monocle Companion has 50 inspiring essays "to improve everything from your vacation to your vocation." Cheery thoughts, inspiring ideas and long-reads, Monocle's first paperback is designed 'to accompany you from commute to beach...that celebrates the printed word, doesn't need charging and can be read in the haze of high summer.'

A few highlights from the publisher:

– The brief history of time and why applications that claim to track it can be a waste of yours.

– Why freedom of speech sometimes means raising your voice against the silliness.

– What Nordic co-operation can teach an increasingly fractious world about the importance of good neighbours.

– Why a high-flying pilot prefers the passenger seat and how to travel a little more thoughtfully.

– Why it’s OK to change your mind – sometimes – and why people should.

– Why finding joy in simple things is one of the hardest but most worthwhile skills to master.

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