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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things August 2019 86

Pause for a moment with our new issue of The Simple Things. We're taking time to appreciate life as it happens, share some good food and find the magic in everyday.


Finding magic on your doorstep. Campfire cooking with friends. Why poetry matters. Positive news & excellent women. Mosaics. The joy of a good souvenir. Miso aubergines. A life unplugged. Slow beach days & films under the stars.

Sometimes it seems like life is split. There are times when we think too much about things, and times when we’re so busy doing, we barely think at all. The Simple Things is for both of these. By celebrating the things that matter most and remembering what’s really important to you, those preoccupations will find some perspective. And by taking the time to pause occasionally and appreciate life as it happens, you’ll naturally slow down and consider more before making decisions. Summer is often billed as the happiest season –holidays, the weather, spending more time outdoors – but August can be the slowest of months, with routines disrupted and an often less-than-Instagram life. It’s not all hammocks in the garden or a holiday by the sea. If we can aim to find a little magic in the everyday, and some stillness to appreciate it, then we should feel good about that. Just don’t think about it too much

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