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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 104 February

HEART – Soul food & body balms. How to have a lunch hour adventure. Why we love librarians (and steampunks). Nurturing new habits. Blood orange negronis and winter crafternoons. Being a good neighbour. Embracing the urge to grow. Posters that changed the world. Keeping diaries & the comfort of things.
At first glance, February seems a month empty of amusement, especially this year, nearing the end of the most discontented of winters. But take another look and you’ll find the exuberance and optimism of Chinese New Year and the urge to sow and grow that arrives with the ancient festival of Imbolc. Shrove Tuesday provides an opportunity to make, toss, share and scoff pancakes and, of course, there is St Valentine’s Day, the most Marmite of calendar dates, yet still an invitation to remind loved ones that we care. They can all be embraced at home or marked with a small, thoughtful act of celebration; providing much-needed punctuation to stop the weeks blurring, while also seeing us through to the first glimpses of spring. Take heart, the year is turning.
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