The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 106 April

BREEZE – Enjoying sea air and taking cold water dips. Grow your own pizza! Why we love a pocket. British buns, tarts & cakes. Using a shed space for headspace. Chocolate salami & baked eggs. The freedom of cycling. Bumblebees & love storiesFlinging open the windows on a bright spring morning sends a message to the world; ‘Come on, I’m ready for you’. April is a month to blow away the cobwebs, step outside your door, your neighbourhood (or your comfort zone) and take a fresh look at life. With a fair wind, we should be able to do all of these things again this spring. Baking buns, cakes or tarts to greet the most welcome of visitors will be top of the list for some, a day at the sea is sure to appeal to most of us and enjoying the traditions of Easter (albeit largely outdoors) will bring some much-needed normality to family life. And in the meantime, there’s always chocolate…
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