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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 107 May

DAWN – Vintage picnics & sailor stripes. ‘Nearly wild’ camping. A pocket guide to pitstops just off the motorway. Whitsun cake. How to feel ready to go out. One-stop herb spirals & spring veg curry. The joy of skinny dipping. Ladybird spotting. Why we love a window seat. Strawberry shrub, Rhubarb mimosas & wisteria tonic
If there’s a message for May, it’s a simple one; seize the day. The countryside is at it’s loveliest (and even the most humdrum of gardens look pretty this month), while towns and cities are slowly coming back to life as markets and shops re-open. And time is on our side, when both mornings and evenings are long, light and inviting. Work and chores can wait when there are road trips, camping weekends, picnic outings and, at last, holidays to enjoy. Go slow though, there’s no rush to make up for a year in just a few weeks – for some there’s alongside our rediscovered freedoms. Embracing every day as a fresh beginning can help us live more in the moment. Uncertainty is still with us, but each dawn reminds us that there’s always hope.

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