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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 108 June

POTTER – Picking daisies & watching dragonflies.  Why we love a found photograph. Clover cake & strawberry sarnies. Wearing shorts. How to be a detectorist. The scoop on ice cream. Fairy glens and standing stones. Rose harissa. Making a greenhouse hideaway. Pickles, relishes & black bean burgers. Dad music.
Midsummer has always symbolised a kind of freedom in both what we do and how we think; we stay up late into the long twilight, believe in magic and see it as a time of hope and possibility. So, it is apt that this month in Britain sees a return to the freedoms of seeing and doing what, when, with who and how we want – which, until last year, we simply took for granted. Remind yourself of small pleasures by lingering in a café or pottering round the shops, savouring this beautiful time of year and seeing it with new, more grateful eyes. Smell the roses, seek out enchanted places, pick strawberries and gather your friends for a backyard barbecue, just because you can.

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