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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 109 July

SPLASH – Cool waterways for hot days. The freedom of a campervan. Rekindling friendships and why we love a girl band. Flowers to wear, eat & enjoy. Syrian dishes to share. Birkenstocks. Ripe berries and seaside stays. Polish mobiles. Life lessons from Alice in Wonderland. Summertime sushi. Moon jellyfish.
Summer always comes with sky high expectations – as children we couldn’t wait for the long school holidays, all picnics and outdoor games. Then, as adults, we will the weather to be good, holidays to be a success and that our gardens are a pleasure to be in. This year the bar has been raised still further, as we attempt to make up for ‘lost’ time. But what’s really special about summer is not packing it full of to-dos and travelling but the chance to break with routine – and that you can do anywhere. Make a splash with a colourful outfit or support a favourite maker or shop and splash out on something for you or your home. There’s also the joy of splashing for real, whether at the coast or a waterway near you. And with summer the best time for simply pondering in a deckchair, those dreams and plans will be ready to turn into reality when the time comes. Anticipation is always more fun than expectation.

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