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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 110 August

Back garden campouts & seats in the sun. Veg patch lunches. An appreciation of benches. Mermaids, memoirs & memories. The art of gentle repair. Homemade ices. Why we love gingham. Hidden places in holiday hotspots. Shoreline art. Life on a narrowboat.


About this time in late summer, plants open their pods, fruit and flowers to release their seeds and ensure they thrive again next year. Letting go of our worries and stresses, releasing tension and pressure as we do so is our own way of moving on, drawing a line under the bad stuff and looking forward to better times. Finding this freedom should be easier in holiday season but if your plans have been thwarted it’s the simple things that will see you through. Choose a favourite pastime; savour an ice lolly, do yoga, enjoy a cocktail. Swim like a mermaid, curl up with a memoir, share good memories. Spend a day at the beach or just park yourself on a bench and watch the world go by. An everyday holiday means something for everyone.

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