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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 113 November

MARVEL – Wanders to wonders. Ginger parkin & Jammie dodgers. Toadstools. Why we love wool. Stir-up Sunday fruit cake. How to close the day with calm. Whittle a whistle. Spicy rum cocoa. The spectacular history of specs. Marrakech markets. Parcels of care. Which superhero are you? Magnificent pumpkins & tiny triffids

Coincidence is a marvellous thing. It can stop us in our tracks, make us take a moment and wonder, to appreciate a small miracle or ponder on ‘what are the chances?’ When a full moon aligns with the globe of a dandelion seed head, as captured on our cover this issue, it transports this everyday weed, glowing like a planet against a darkening sky. During November, there’s a little more time to note and notice, whether its nature doing its astonishing autumn thing or the comforting feel of a favourite woollen jumper. It’s a period of preparation; nourishing our bodies for the winter and gat hering or making gifts for the festivities to come. Think of it as ‘Slow-vember’ and you’ll be sure to enjoy the season’s delights, both spectacular and simple.

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