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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 118 April

Bring-a-bake tea time. The circus is coming! Why we love a garden centre.
Rhubarb soda & nettle beer. Grow your own apothecary. Egg tart for brunch. How to train your brain. Spring on the smallholding. A bird’s eye view. Embracing April showers. Muses, macramé & magical creatures
When we’re worried and the world does not seem a good place, it can feel difficult to enjoy life as much as we’d like, which seems especially cruel in springtime when nature, weather and sunlight collaborate to brighten our days. But being taken out of our comfort zone, because of a challenging time or just through doing something new, makes us look more appreciatively at what we have and where we live and can spur us to acts of kindness to those less fortunate. It acts as a reminder that we should celebrate not just the special or different, but the regular, the commonplace, the everyday. And find joy in small things; the way the earth smells after an April shower, the first holiday weekend of the year, cake baked and shared with friends. Taking time to live well is even more important when life is uncertain.


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