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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 119 May

Nature knows just how to live in the moment – producing blooms, singing from the treetops and building a nest, drinking nectar and gathering pollen to make the most of this brief but glorious season. And there’s nothing to stop us behaving like the flowers, birds and bees either. Appreciate being given a big bouquet or setting a table in anticipation of gathering your favourite people around it for a long weekend lunch. Enjoy the feeling of wearing a summer dress, sing aloud in the car when you set off on a trip and send a home-baked cake to a friend. From the dawn chorus through to signing off at dusk, birdsong is the backdrop to picnics in the park or walking through woodland in new spring leaf. It’s a reminder to treasure the fact that May truly is a month to make your heart sing.


SING – Help-yourself bruschetta bar. BYO trowel party. Rosemary rum spritz – First bird of the day. Cake in the post and flowers in the house. Wearing florals. Back garden hens & kitchen table dyes. How to trespass. Building cabins & nurturing your dreams. Bee know-how. Road trip belters

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