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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things Issue 72

Dare to dream and who knows where it could lead you. Midsummer garden

nights are alive with magical possibilities. Lights twinkling in trees, maybe a

glass of something, old friends for sure, and a golden hour at hand.

But, though we can create a space for for magic, only you can make it happen.

And it comes in many forms; helping nature to return after a long absence,

breathing life into an old cinema; weaving words to tell the shortest of stories.

Itʼs there in your imagination, just waiting to be set free.

DREAM – Midsummer gatherings & magical creatures. How to stay up late.

Strawberry tart and cocktails you can grow. Marrakech style. Microfiction,

rewilding and the wisdom in fairytales. Why we love a seaside promenade.

Macrame deckchairs. A cabin by the lake

Take time to live well with our June 2018 issue (72)

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