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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things Issue 73

Not everyone likes surprises, but we can all appreciate a new discovery. It

might mean visiting a new city or opening your eyes to outdoor art but simpler

pleasures too, like trying a new author or an all-veggie barbecue.

There are also unexpected treasures to seek out within yourself; hone your

sixth sense, learn outdoor skills, become a more mindful gardener. You could

start this voyage by taking every

meal you can outdoors, then watch and wait as nature creates patterns before

your very eyes.

A month of adventure awaits.

DISCOVER – Art without walls & Orla Kiely. Why we wish upon a star. Sea

myths, tales and legends. Peach Portobello burgers & cherry ice-cream cake.

How to make a forest garden. Voyages that changed the world. Kerala style.

Sea kayaking. A love of globes. Join our lending library.

Take time to live well with our July issue (73)

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